We have a wide range of secondary voltages available in our step-up transformers from 3.3kV – 34.5kV at 50Hz and 60Hz.  The transformer ratings vary from 1.5mVA to 6.3mVA.  We also have Auto-Transformers to supply special voltages from 500V – 735V @ 50Hz / 60Hz.  We can also supply higher rating transformers depending on actual site requirement and duration of hire.  Our 5MVA and 6.3MVA transformers are packaged in compact 20 feet containers.  The containers have provision for connecting 1250kVA Generators – 6 Nos. and have a RMUs for parallel operation with multiple transformers.


Switchgear MV/LV & Distribution Board

A wide selection of Low Voltage synchronizing panels, Distribution Boards, Socket Panels, Quick connect socket panels, etc., are available in our range of equipments.  We have MV Switchgear with multiple incoming and outgoing feeders with flexible protection relays, metering sections, etc., available for large multi-megawatt projects.


Cables MV/LV

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Cables are supplied along with generators and power plants depending on customer requirement.  We provide top quality flexible and armoured cable depending on the application.  We also install in appropriate cable trays and trench for our turnkey installations.


Fuel Tanks (Cylindrical / Bundled)

We supply a wide range of size and types of fuel tanks depending on customer needs.  Cylindrical tanks are available from 250 Litres to 90,800 Litres, additionally spill trays and fuel hoses are also provided by us.  Our flagship 20,000 IG (90,800 Litres) tanks are built to top quality and safety as per oilfield specifications.  In special applications we provide environmentally friendly double bundled tanks with capillary flow.  Bundled tanks are available from 4,540 Litres to 27,240 Litres.



We can supply Change Over Switches (COS), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Manual Transfer Switches (MTS) from 400A to 2500A Rating.  Alternatively we can provide automatic power transfer arrangement with make-before-break switching (transfer without interruption) through our LV Switchgear, from 500kVA and above using synchronization feature available in our generators.  This switching permits uninterrupted operation, while switching between operational generators (Duty / Standby switchover).