Transportation & Installation of Offshore Rig-Legs

Dimensions – 240 TONS, 72m Length X 2.5m

THE CHALLENGE – Four offshore leg structures had
to be transported from their fabrication yard within a
short time period to the port where they had to be
installed on to the rig. The main challenge here was
to transport the abnormally long rig legs through
narrow bending roads full of unavoidable obstacles.

OUR SOLUTION – We used 2 file wide 18 axle
Goldhofer conventional multi-axle trailers configured
with turntable bolster attachments for the
transportation. Upon reaching the destination the
legs were top and tailed upright using our Liebherr
600 Ton Crawler as the main crane & our 250 Ton
Kobelco Crawler as a tailing crane completing a
successful transport and installation within record

Top & Tailing Offshore Jacket

Dimensions – Weight 385 TONS & 407 TONS

THE CHALLENGE – To find a custom solution to top
and tail the complete fabricated structure and align it
with the base jacket structure.

OUR SOLUTION – A selection of 3 cranes were used.
Our Liebherr 600 TON crawler crane with 84.0M
boom SDBW was used as the main crane, a 400 TON
crawler crane with 64.0M boom and our Liebherr
1200 TON mobile crane were used as tailing cranes to
successfully top and tail the entire structure and then
carefully position it over the base structure for