Loading & Transportation of Mono Buoy

Dimensions – 340 TONS, 16.5m Diameter &
12m Height

THE CHALLENGE – The project scope was to load &
transport three Mono Buoys from their fabrication
yard to the port within the allotted time of 18 hrs. Our
major challenge was delicate maneuvering of the
16.5m diameter buoy on and off-road with
complicated many bends and around unavoidable

OUR SOLUTION – Using a Synchronous Jacking
system for the loading activity at fabrication yard & 4
files x 12 axle of our Goldhofer conventional
multi-axle trailers for the transportation, the buoy was
successfully transported to the final location where it
was received by a geared vessel. The job was
completed ahead of time and within 15 hrs. by
engaging our experienced & skilled day and night
crews working round the clock.