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Al Faris Group is the premier generator supplier in Dubai. Companies of varied industries – including power plants, oil & gas, petrochemicals and refineries enlist our services. Power failures and surges could lead to equipment failure, and in turn, significant losses. Our comprehensive services render to all heavy equipment and generator (power) needs in the UAE. We provide customized solutions for our clients in industries or events requiring generators on standby including power plants. Our generators, transformers and other power equipment are all reliable and efficient. We provide long and short-term solutions, based on our clients’ requirements.

We aim to deliver uninterrupted power based on your needs. Our services are affordable and are the best in this region. Contact us today.

Why Choose Our Generator Solutions?

Extensive Rental Inventory
We provide a wide range of generators, transformers, air compressors, fuel tanks, welding machines, light towers and switchgears.

Ease of Operation
Our equipment employs the latest technology and are all user-friendly.

Cost Effective Rental Plans
Our rental plans are budget friendly and are optimally priced for high-quality generators.

Easy to Maintain
Our generators are updated, ready to install, and require minimum effort for maintenance.

Environment Friendly
Our range of generators releases fewer greenhouse gases, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Experienced Team
Our staff are specialized in working with generators and can assist our clients for all their queries.